What’s it all about?

Been jamming those Pink Floyd tunes all day with your college mates? Want to sing that original composition you’ve been working on? Calling all college bands, here’s your chance to shine!

Vodafone U Battle of the Bands is a breakthrough platform, for all budding & established college bands to showcase their talent and prove their mettle! The month-long competition is travelling to 6 cities across Maharashtra & Goa to find the most mesmerising voices and skilful instrumentalists. This inter-college & inter-city music contest promises to be a medley of sound, that’s going to lift your band off the ground.

The competition is divided in 3 Phases

The Pre-Chorus aka Call for Registrations

College bands will have to complete the online registration form for the entry to be eligible for the auditions. We encourage bands of all genres to sign up for an energy filled experience!

The Breakdown aka City Auditions

Each registered band will be given 15 minutes to stretch their vocal chords, shred those guitars and hammer the drums! Jury auditions will be held in each of the 6 cities.

The Chorus aka The Grand Finale

The grand finale will be held at the magical Blue Frog Pune, Ishanya Mall on 18th September! We're excited to host some of the best & freshest talent there.

Swing by & rock it out with the rockers of tomorrow! Be there to make new memories & take back a million fun experiences with U!


Wanna know all the rules? Read up!

  1. Register your band here.
  2. Grand finale will be held in Pune, more details about this will be revealed to you later
  3. Every band will be given 20 minutes to perform (that includes sound check)
  4. Your band must consist of minimum 2 and maximum 7 members
  5. You and all your band members must possess a valid College/University ID
  6. We will give you the stage, but you gotta bring your own instruments. Although, we will provide you a standard drum kit, mic, amplifiers and monitors..
  7. Any kind of offensive, defamatory, indecent, abusive language or content will not be tolerated, so you and your music should behave!
  8. Radio Mirchi reserves the right to withdraw and/or alter any of the Terms & Conditions of the contest at any time, without prior notice.
The chosen few from the Nashik Auditions
The chosen few from the Nagpur Auditions
The chosen few from the Kolhapur Auditions
The chosen few from the Goa Auditions
The Unown Artists
The chosen few from the Pune Auditions
MH 43 India
Into Brackets
After Acoustics
Richman & Co.

What’s in it for U?

All that jamming, shredding, singing and swinging has its own rewards! You and your band will receive cheers from your college mates, laurels from your professors & most of all prizes from US! The first edition of Vodafone U Battle of the Bands promises to offer you the encouragement to take your college band to the next level!

The uber-talented winners get:

Get the opportunity to let your music be heard all across Radio Mirchi Maharashtra & Goa - Perform for the audience in the studio!

Prizes worth up to 1.5 Lakhs

The ‘almost-unbeatables’ 1st Runners-Up get:

Recognition in a tete-a- tete with the ice-cool RJs at the Mirchi Music studios

Prizes worth Rs. 50,000


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Awesome opportunities come with a whole bunch of questions. Here’s what could be on your mind!

Q- What is the minimum age to participate in the competition? As long as you have a valid college ID, age is shouldn’t be a barrier to showcase your hidden talent :)

Q- What genre of music can we play?
U have the license to rock the most memorable tunes or play the most soulful classical music. It’s your stage!

Q- What about originality? Can we play cover songs of other artists or does it need to be an original soundtrack?
There are points for original soundtracks, but you are most welcome to play cover songs of other artists as well.

Q- When and how will the result of the shortlisted bands be announced?
The results will be announced online via the Official Website & your favourite social media channels - Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Q- When and how will the result of the shortlisted bands be announced?
The results will be announced online, stay fixed to the Radio Mirchi Pune social media pages.

Q- What if members are from the same university but different college?
Band members can be of the same college or from different colleges, we know creativity has no bounds :)

Q- What equipment will be provided to us on the stage?
You can expect a standard drum kit, mic, amplifiers and monitors on the stage. The rest of the equipment needs to be yours.

Q- For how long can we perform on the stage?
You are given 15 mins to perform on stage and 5 mins of sound check is alloted.

Q- How many songs can we perform in the 15 minutes?
Set a record and sing 15 tracks in 15 minutes, or strum out one beautiful ballad. Just a warning, never miss a beat ;)

Q- Is it mandatory to play for 15 minutes, what if we finish the performance earlier?
No, it is not mandatory to stay on for 15 minutes; you can leave the stage early if you wish.

Q- Will there be any retries?
No, there will be no retries given to any single band. Every first performance during auditions and the finale will be considered as the official entry

Q- What if a band member is not available on a given day, can we audition in other cities?
Yes you can travel to another city and this would be considered valid, however, your entry would be considered as part of the shortlist of the city you participated in.

Q- Can we use pre-recorded parts of a song as part of the performance / act?
No, this is not allowed and could lead to an automatic disqualification from the contest.

Q - What if we have a DJ as part of the group?
You can have it, though this cannot be the main component of your performance during auditions or in the finale.